Anne Cheshire

Anne Cheshire, masssage teacher in Edinburgh

Joolz Flynn

Joolz Flynn, masssage teacher in Edinburgh

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The New Approach

Anne Cheshire and Joolz Flynn run advanced bodywork courses in myofascial release and working with clients who have experienced trauma. These take place in Edinburgh, UK. We offer a range of courses aimed at developing clinical effectiveness with therapists who want to, or, already work with pain conditions. The course material is based on our own considerable clinical experience and develops as our own training and experience is refined and deepened. These courses do not echo standard advanced massage training, as our focus is on re-regulation of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system within our clients, based on cutting edge research and development on the relationship between nervous system and pain conditions.

Advanced Massage Training Scotland offer five types of courses

  • ANIAB: A New Intelligent Approach to Bodywork: a one day course providing a framework in which to assess clients effectively. This framework underpins all our other training for professionals
  • Beginnners’ and Intermediate Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy
  • Understanding the Connections: a series of advanced courses for bodyworkers and others working one-to-one with clients
  • Courses for the public: a series of courses explaining conditions and helping us manage them
  • External training: We go out to organisations to train in the effects of stress and trauma and how to deal with them
  • One day training in ‘A New Intelligent Approach to Bodywork’

    Together Anne Cheshire and Joolz Flynn have developed ‘A New Intelligent Approach to Bodywork’, a one day course designed to provide the framework for assessing clients effectively. ANIAB explains and clarifies the framework for all other trainings.

    This course is suitable both for newly qualified practitioners to help them develop confidence in assessing and treating their growing client base, and for experienced therapists to help them navigate complex cases.

    ‘A New Intelligent Approach to Bodywork’ is running twice in 2012 and it is strongly recommended that those wishing to participate in further courses attend this one as well, as the ANIAB framework informs all our practice and is constantly referred to during training. It is priced lower than our technique courses to enable greater participation. It is not necessary to take any other of our courses to take advantage of A New Intelligent Approach to Bodywork.

    ‘A New Intelligent Approach to Bodywork’

    A brand new approach

    This new approach involves looking at our clients from a fresh point of view, one not dominated either by technique or modality, or by their diagnosed condition or pathology, but one which considers possible causes of their discomfort, pain or condition from several equally important points of view. This allows us as therapists to employ different ways of working with our clients depending on what we find.

    ‘One size fits none’

    With this approach we take into account the fact that that ‘one size fits none’. Protocols are no longer necessary, although they may be helpful if adapted for each individual depending on what we find. This approach is truly holistic, taking into account the various main factors affecting our wellbeing, and allowing us to use whichever techniques and modalities we are trained in to intervene at any stage. It provides the philosophical framework in which we bring all subsequent training.

    Course overview

    This one day course introduces this exciting new approach to the practice of bodywork, and, indeed all kinds of modalities. It is centred on a big picture regarding pain, dysfunction and illness and their associated healing processes, in which we can learn to position ourselves most effectively, whatever our modality.

    Outcome orientated, it examines 5 major causes of pain and discomfort, and current, most effective ways to address each one. We then introduce powerful ways to intervene in 3 of the five areas (the tutors’ own areas of expertise), maximising our effectiveness. The focus is on accessing and incorporating our own existing knowledge, training, expertise and clinical experience into a clear overview.

    The Big Picture

    This is a brand new way of putting together information that we already have, for best effect. In introducing the big picture we aim to help participants recognize where they are already effective, avoid becoming overwhelmed by what they do not know in such a large field, and also suggest ways in which they might further develop their skills to be more effective in familiar areas or new ones.

    Course aims

    The aims of the course are threefold: Firstly to enable us to evaluate our clients within the framework of the bigger picture. Secondly to become clear about how our own already established areas of expertise can best be applied. Thirdly to determine where we might further develop these to increase our successful intervention.

    The method is simple and quick to put into action. There will be plenty of practice on the day so that therapists can use the approach straight away in clinic.